Smartphones have greatly changed our lives in the past decade. They have become one of the primary necessities of man nowadays. Our smartphones are as good as our personal computers; they contain countless valuable and personal information. It’s where we keep our credit card numbers, important contacts, photos, and messages. Because of this, a lot of people have come up with a variety of accessories in the market such as silicone, leather, and hard plastic back cases to safeguard these handhelds from physical harm.

But more than the physical protection we provide our precious and beloved smartphones, why not go an extra mile in defending them by installing security apps to protect your valuable data and also liberate yourself from worries of theft or hacking.

Here is a list of the best security apps for your Android smartphones that can protect your most valuable and sensitive data stored in your phone, and have peace of mind in the process.

1.       Lookout Security and Antivirus

This security app has the capability to block malware, spyware, and Trojans, plus an automatic scanning of your new apps and files, as soon as they are downloaded. If your phone gets stolen, the Lookout Security Antivirus also has the capability to track and locate your phone. In case there is no chance to retrieve your phone, it can always wipe out or back up your valuable data in remote setup.

2.       Norton Mobile Security

This app has the power to block unwanted texts and calls, and also identify threats and phishing sites fast and efficient. It can also locate and wipe out all the data and information in your phone with just a text message. This app can also take pictures remotely to help in tracking the device and can also set off a loud siren when needed.

3.       GadgetTrak Mobile Security

This security app is made specifically for those who are more bothered in securing their smartphones against theft than protecting it against viruses. This app uses a combination of GPS, WiFi positioning and cell tower triangulation to trace the missing device. It is designed to alert the user in any unauthorized SIM change or assignment of a new number to the mobile device.

4.       AVG Antivirus

This next security app is a familiar name for desktop computer security. It has the ability to scan your device’s apps, and other files like the settings, media, and other contents. With this security app, you will not have to worry with those messages with a suspicious link attached to it. With this app, you can now lock your apps and back up all your data.

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Mobile devices have become very functional in millions of people's lives across the globe. The fact that they are designed with the ability to access the internet makes them possible to use like computers to even run businesses remotely.


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